Fusion Bowl

Fusion Bowl ₡8200 Chifrijo style bowl, rice, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, porkchicharrón

Typical dish Casado

Typical dish Casado ₡6200 Rice, beans, fresh cheese, green salad, fried plantain, sautéedvegetables, and choice chicken breast or tilapia filet.

Tico Style Vegetable Yakimeshi

Tico Style Vegetable Yakimeshi ₡6900 Rice with seasonal vegetables in Tico-Oriental style served withartisanal potatoes and salad.

Rice with Chicken

Rice with Chicken ₡6400 Mix rice with chicken, vegetables served with artisanal potatoes &salad.

Rice with Shrimp

Rice with Shrimp ₡7400 Accompanied with artisanal potatoes and salad.